17 types of serveware. They are all handmade, durable and dish-washable glass plates and bowls will cover all of your buffet needs. Simplicity at its best. They are perfectly adjustable to your catering requirements, and they can be combined with our buffet risers. We offer a wide range of bowls, square, rectangular and round plates and platters, trays and other display glass steps to chose from and in several sizes as well.

Colors of serveware

Style it up any way you like and present a complete buffet concept that has visual unity and is in coordination with your venue! Choose the appropriate color for your buffet system according to your brand requirements and your preferred style for buffet presentation.



Durable serveware


Our serveware are durable, they are dish-washable, microwave safe and when stacked together, they do not get scratched. The color neither fades nor peels off. Quality is a key element in whatever we create.

  • Resistant to impacts up to a 30 foot/pound force of the standard ASTM anti-chipping test.
  • Resistant to acid attacks.
  • Lead and cadmium free.
  • For professional dishwashers up to the temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.

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