2+1 reasons why a buffet system is better than buffet set up

2+1 reasons why a buffet system is better than any typical buffet set up

Ever wondered if it’s worth buying a buffet system in order to replace your overused buffet set-up and how it could contribute more to your business? All people in the catering business know that while providing top quality food, you also need to be cost efficient, agile and have a terrific food presentation. Because that is the purpose of a buffet: to offer plenty of food variety at reasonable prices, operated by fewer personnel. This is where buffet systems can work wonders for you.


Buffet design has gone through many changes during the centuries: from the medieval Breugel buffet, to the 60’s train buffet, all the way to the cluttered “all you can eat” buffet of the 80’s and the 90’s and into the millennium highly aesthetic and hard to maintain “a la carte” or “live cooking” buffet.

21st century is the time of the buffet system… a simple, versatile assembly of elements that is portable and easy to use, minimizing setting up time and costs.

Looks are important

Providing the best in food presentation involves a food stylist. People with aesthetic visual abilities however, are not always found in hotels or catering companies. This is where a buffet system comes in to make a real difference. How?


A buffet system, works as a buffet display decorator right on site. Your culinary team does it, without even realizing it. That’s because a buffet system does not allow for visual “anomalies”. A buffet system creates an exceptional buffet display without the need of visual aesthetic abilities: It’s your own hired food stylist.


Time equals money

Sound finances, makes business live longer and prosper. Consider exploiting the chance of purchasing a buffet system that will save you up to 30% of the cost, compared to using your traditional buffet set-up. You will reduce your storage space (warehousing rentals) as well as your transport and handling expenses, all of which means: lowering your labor costs.


All in One

A buffet should offer plenty of food variety and therefore, provide a variety of functions that keep food preserved and get it served in the best possible condition.


As opposed to the old school buffet where you need different equipment (chaffing dishes, ice boxes etc) from different manufacturers, a buffet system has all buffet elements integrated: warming and cooling systems, risers, canapé displays and trolleys, come All in One system.

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